After purchasing an expensive ticket for an event, I went to use it at the front gate and embarrassingly found out that I had been used already. It was not a valid ticket and was not able to attend the event as all my friends had a great time.

What it does

Event creators can make unique tickets, sell them all distributed on the blockchain and at the time of the event, the users can enter using their unique key. The key can be verified on the ethereum blockchain with a unique state of used or not used. Also, event creators can have the option of not allowing the tickets to be transferable, which means that the person who purchase the ticket directly, must use that ticket. Requires MetaMask Live dApp on Robsten Ethereum TestNet:

How we built it

Ethereum Blockchain smart contracts + webjs front-end interface which includes html, javascript, json, jquery

Challenges we ran into

Learning more complex solidity functions, using web3js, offering as many use cases for users as possible, displaying information from the smart contracts in a well presented format

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a working product

What we learned

How to build on ethereum beyond ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-721, how to connect with web3js, paying contracts, building customized scripts

What's next for EvenTix

=>Doing Proof of Concept at 1 Event and continuing to grow a base.

=>Including a token model - token launch, which the tokens can be used to create events, add ticket tiers(VIP, etc.), purchase tickets as individuals

=>Partnering with larger companies, building sponsors, and strategic partners to help get adoption

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