RemindMed is a webapp with an easily navigable interface that provides personalized summaries of what medications a user is taking. By taking user-provided information, it first creates a tailored set of current prescriptions as well as an inventory based on the number of doses currently available and the doses taken per day. From this information, the webapp projects how much time is left between now and when the medication should be refilled or when the current prescription will be finished. Each time a dose of medication should be administered, based on a schedule received from the user, the application will request an update and collect data on the time the dosage was received. This information will be compiled and revisualized as a graph so that users can see administration timeliness and progress over time. RemindMed provides an additional contact list that will be used to organize healthcare providers and personal contacts so that they can be stored and visualized in a single platform

Built With

  • razor
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