We created amazing service, which allows people borrow and loan eth (and a lot of other cool thinks) in telegram bot.

You can:

  • create eth wallet
  • sending eth to other users (by address and @nickname)
  • view balance of your wallet
  • create borrow order
  • view list of borrow orders
  • accept borrow order (loan money) and all this stuff just using telegram without any additional application.

As bonus, you are getting:

  • innovative storing private key in encrypted Qr Code (by your own password on your own device)
  • it's working on mobile phone, too (compare with metamask and other solutions)
  • bZx contract under the hood (with our own api to this contract).

We think that it's really important to have a user-friendly solution in blockchains. So, we decided to link Telegram messenger with Ethereum (becouse everyone have telegram but it's not exactly). We decided to use the bZx protocol whick allows people to interact with each other using classic messengers but with all feature of the blockchain.

Just try it and you will see how it simple.

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