Our idea for t-wrecks initially came about as a cool feature that could be added to an app like Lyft: use your phone's camera and computer vision to recognize the license plate of the car a user's ride, and then add an augmented reality component, like Lyft's pink mustache, to identify the car. We decided not to integrate our app with Lyft, because it would be difficult to test whether we are getting the right license plate number from Lyft's API without calling actual rides, but we went to work on the virtual reality aspect of it.

We implemented a web application that integrates a webcam. If the right license plate number shows up, an augmented scene with dinosaurs pops up superimposed over the image. We also completed a program to retrieve license plate numbers out of an image that would then allow us to use the coordinates of that to more precisely edit and place the augmented reality. Due to unexpected problems with the client-side/server-side relationship of getting that license plate data, using it to set augmented reality elements, and returning that, we have not yet connected all the parts to allow the web app to automatically search for multiple license plate numbers, and hope to complete the integration of the data scanning and augmented reality moving forward.

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