As we reached out to our designated team of experts and figured out that a big problem within support service call between customers and the support team is the fact that there is a huge loss of information with transferring customers and. Gets sometimes exhausting since a lot of customers don’t want to share their device access with the support people and also almost all of the customers want to get a customized solution on their own device (Cellphone, PC, etc.) T-Mobile provides a multitude of customized solutions to its customers. Aiming to deliver the best and the most efficient customer experience, with the help of Augmented Reality (AR).

What it does

Using Augmented Reality technology, T-Support provides a user friendly and customized support of T-mobile representatives and also provides customers a straight forward, efficient solution to help them troubleshoot their problems in a very short time. With using T-Support application, customers can start filming their devices such as cellphone, PC screen or their modem during the call with service-representative and receive a live AR-based support from the service representative showing them what to do step by step exactly on their own device to get their problem solved or do any other actions like installing their devices. A very more comfortable support: While most of support procedures require the remote access of service representative, many customers do not feel comfortable to give access to unknown individuals. This also puts additional boundary on getting technical help from strangers. Therefore, by T-Support, customers can comfortably take the advantage of AR technology to follow the step by step help without necessity of giving their device remote access to anyone. Customized Support: Since customers have a large various types of UI devices (both OS types and UI customizations) they have a hard time to apply the supports help advice on their specific devices over the phone call. Hence, T-Support AR assistant enables representatives to provide a specified, step by step help procedure for customers based on their specific devices. It makes the support service much more straight forward and convenient for both users and service providers.

How we built it

First, we held a Design thinking and Brainstorming session to explore methods used currently by the T-Mobile Team of Experts and identified challenges they have in providing customer service. Next, we did a research to see what the current available support service methods are and how can make a change in T-Mobile support service by using AR technology to increase the customer satisfaction.
We used variety of methods from Deep Learning, Augmented Reality to Socket Programing leveraging different technologies naming Android, ARCore, Tenserflow, Django and JQuery deployed on Android and Mac OS.

Challenges I ran into

Syncing up two different platforms in order to provide an integrated and consistent service. Detecting objects bidirectional Augmented Reality followed by a streaming scene .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working together with a new team mates. Making an attractive AR support System. Our ability to sync the data in real-time.

What I learned

Working with AR engines and integrating it with mobile application and perspective toward possible challenges on the way.

What's next for T-Support

This project was only an introduction to a novel idea that needs some improvement in many aspects to become a reliable consistent publicly usable service. These improvements include a more efficient and consistent streaming technology and also a more accurate boundary object detection for non rectangular objects.

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