The inspiration was the topic for this years tigerhacks event "The Arts". I wanted to create a simple mobile app because of time shortage and lack of team members. I was thinking about this idea before but never had chance to make it life and this event give it to. Basically this is a simple idea and the way I did it very simple, but it can be modified to just create an avatar or use it for shopping apps too.

What it does

It is a simple app, which give you an opportunity to design your t-shirt. There are limited option is available in the current version for style and logo. You are able to select the style of the t-shirt and change colors. In addition there is an opportunity to add logo too.

How I built it

I build it from scratch in android studio using java. All t-shirt style and graphical part was done in photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Since the app is basically heavily rely on graphics it was time consuming to design all graphical part in photoshop. There was also a small challenge in saving the final t-shirt to gallery and sharing it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finally got a change to build it even in its simplest form.

What I learned

Some skills in android that I forgot. Also in photoshop.

What's next for T-SHART

In the next version of T-SHART I am planning to make avatar design too and connect it to a backend to be able to add more styles and logo without each time releasing new version.

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