Now a days time and money are the predominant aspects, so with this project we can utilize them effectively using this Transportation service

It provides shared services such as rides and couriers between out of states with the flexible options

It is developed with HTML,CSS,Php,Bootstrap and MySql

We create our app, TransportMe!, to help the average citizen travel and deliver their packages at a cheaper price. Unlike other transportational services like Uber or Lyft, TransportMe!'s prices will not vary depending on the time and day. It will be a fixed price, cheaper than those of other services.

The user will simply register and login through our app, input current location and desired destination, and hit enter! He/she will then be able to choose to use a ride or provide a ride. If he/she chooses a ride, he can then select himself as the passenger, and/or he could have his items couriered for him.

This will almost be a cheaper from of Uber and mailing serivces like UPS combined!

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