My parents getting frustrated because they are unable to understand their medication and instructions given by their doctors because they do not read or speak English and forgetting to take pills and getting on time refills.

What it does:

1) Read prescription in real time in the native language to better understand the instructions 2) Auto-generated from prescription label calendar reminder to take medicine 3) Look up information by drug name or pill imprint number.

What we are proud of accomplishing:

Successfully able to use Google cloud tools, analyze and create calendar reminder!

What we learn:

how to use Google Vision API, Google Translate API, manipulating JSON data, creating calendar reminders.

Whats next:

  • Improve the results and data shown to the user by utilizing big data.
  • Translate data in real-time and using AR to see prescription translated in video/glasses.

Built With

  • google-translate-api
  • google-vision-api
  • rxnav-drug-api
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