Inspiration - This project was actually inspired by a Twitter comment that I took very seriously! Dan Lux Crypto on Twitter said “why hasn’t anyone from TRON made a T-Rex NFT”. That is why I made this project.

What it does - What our project does is, very soon give people passive income by staking your NFT and your tokens and gaining from that. Eventually we will build a game to provide more incentives and passive gains for our community.

How we built it - All T-Rex Punks we’re built without any GANS, I myself Mr.Rex made each one with love and time! Took over 2 months to complete the original T-Rex Punk collection, another 2 months to create the Klever edition that reside on Uswap marketplace. Then I created the 50 Angel & Devil T-Rex Punks on Kraftly these came with some amazing incentives for minters.

Challenges we ran into - Challenges were finding a dev…well a good dev to work on the project and make it what it is today. Working with JM changed everything for us. Other than that we really haven’t had too many obstacles to jump over.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We are proud that we have never rugged pulled and never would on our community. People are so afraid to buy into a project when not knowing what will happen with the team. T-Rex Punks is here to stay. Also proud that we launched our tokens and it’s held steady since launch day!

What we learned - We have learned that community is everything! Without having a solid believing community you will not make it. This also comes with respecting their decisions and making them happy with how the project is moving along. That is probably the biggest thing we have learned.

What's next for T-Rex Punks - What is next for T-Rex Punks? Well, first and foremost we will get the staking contract done ready for the people hopefully before September. We ran into a family member not doing so well. This has slowed things down, but has not stopped us. After staking of the NFTs is complete and released, we will start to look into our game that we want to release. We won’t stop ever. T-Rex Punks will live on for the rest of our lives.

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