Inspiration : Recently, there have been known cases where hackers have exfiltrated sensitive information from organisations by hacking IoT devices like thermostats.

What it does : TRAVIS is a smart & user friendly algorithm that detects, reports cyber attacks & provides the nature and analysis of the attack to the user.

How we built it : TRAVIS uses machine learning algorithm to detect attacks on the system from Wireshark and uses Tableau to graph and analyse the attack for the user.

Challenges we ran into : Manually detecting and analysing IP traffic thats in several gb's and collaborating Wireshark with tableau for graphical analysis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of : We were able to coordinate two softwares and detect attacks on the system manually.

What we learned : Cybersecurity !! learnt Wireshark and Tableau from scratch and also understand and learn cyber traffic monitoring and analysis.

What's next for T.R.A.V.I.S : make the system more user friendly and industrial testing.

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