What’s T-Music

T-Music is an NFT platform with visualizes NFT.

T-Music = Theta+NFT+Music+Video

An Ecosystem for artists to not only monetize their work but to also visualize them in a soothing way.

Smart Contract : https://testnet-explorer.thetatoken.org/account/0xC9c136BB919469f811Ae674811D56b37fAA948f4


The data we mostly consume Today is in the form of visuals. Our love for visuals is obvious in the digital world and Music in its own formless pattern is uniquely rewarding. Design and music are intricately related to each other. And sight and sound are known to be intertwined.

The brain will find patterns or images where none really exist. Relaxation exercises lowered the chances of finding a pattern that wasn't really there.When we feel like we don't have command of our own fate, our brains often invent patterns that offer a sense of self-control And hence we by using Kinetic audio visual music or pattern music can help reflect emotional and cognitive state of a person by combining algorithms and creating as many patterns as we want.

This motivated us to create an algorithm that could appropriately intertwine with the music and help listeners feel relaxed and focused.


We wanted to create a platform that leverages the power of Blockchain and NFT’s to empower artists as well as leverage that art to offer a unique solution to the users. We decided to take a targeted approach and targeted utility based arts that can offer users value for money. Music has been around for a long time and new utilities for music are getting discovered. We decided to merge music with visuals generated by an algorithm and the results are very soothing. We also wanted to target rising markets such as “psychedelic art” , “ASMR” and “Audio Induced Sleep”.

Binaural Beats are very helpful in inducing sleep and are being used by many people but they lack the visual stimuli and minting various Binaural Beats and other kinds of Music form as NFT’s gives artists an incentive to keep creating quality content and the nft owner can earn from traffic to the Music.

Empowering Indie Artists of all genres
Blending Music and Visual Stimuli
Better ways to monetize your work
Various algorithm for different Effect


Music itself has many use cases and when we assemble it with visual stimuli there are many things that can be achieved. In this section i had like to point out a few use cases.

Sleeping Aid:

Binaural Beats along with Visuals provides a soothing effect and can help induce sleep. Currently about $430 billion is spent each year on sleep aids by people trying to achieve optimal sleep. The global sleep economy is expected to grow to $585 billion by 2024, according to market and consumer data company Statista.


The demand for personalized gifts has been increasing constantly for years. Let’s drop the old ways of saying “Congratulations” , “Happy Birthday” and “Merry Christmas”. Let’s replace it with something that’s more tangible and something that’s everlasting. Mint your special audio messages as NFT and they will live forever. The global personalized gifts market was valued USD 26.3 Billion in 2019 and is anticipated to reach USD 41.3 Billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period 2020-2026.

Empowering Indie Artist:

There are a lot of artists struggling to create their albums due to small budget and team size we want to allow people to invest in their favorite artists and grow along with them this creates a lot of opportunities for the Indie artist and helps investors to invest in a different asset class

…Many Others


  • Theta Video API :- All the NFT's generated via the algorithm are directly uploaded to the Theta video network with the help of Theta video API. This offers a decentralized streaming solution as well as a fast cdn services to the end-users
  • Theta Network : We are using theta network for allowing users to mint NFT on the theta network. The less carbon consumption , rapid transaction and low gas fees are the benefits that comes when the contract is deployed on theta network

What it does 🔧

A Decentralized Music NFT platform utilizing various algorithms to build interactive artwork. Generates Intensive Psychedelic Visuals for Music.

Mint your audio+visuals as NFT
Video NFT's for your need
Buy/Sell and Send NFT’s
Invest in Artists and their future

Challenges we ran into 💪

Implementation was fairly easy for as the Theta Video API is very extensive and supports all the normal function require to build a video nft marketplace.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

  • Trying out Theta Video API and Theta Network
  • Developing a working prototype

What's next for T-Music ⏭️

We want to work on growing the project organically. Building various different algorithms with dynamic screens. We also want to work on onboarding artists to our platform.Also we want to implement an TNT-721 fungible token for every artist which than can be distributed to there loyal fan and investor so they can grow alongside with the artists

Try Out Website: https://t-music.b-cdn.net/

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