T­Mobile was looking to implement a mobile platform to help role out training tools for their sales teams. The training app needed to be updated for every new phone release and model.  The first release of the app was designed to convey key features about an upcoming T­Mobile device released in the first quarter of 2014, the Sony Z1s.  Prior to launching this device, T­Mobile approached Shockoe to create a simple interface for the training app.

Build the App and Salesforce Training The training app was launched to the T­Mobile Sales Team prior to the launch of the new Sony Smartphone. We built the app so that the T­Mobile team could use this as a launching platform for future training tools.

Shockoe was able to add the powerful Analytics services from the Appcelerator Platform, which is now helping the T­Mobile team to modify and present the content, videos and other important information depending on the actual usage of the application based on multiple metrics included within the app

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