Most freelance teachers offering private lessons for musical instruments, foreign languages and sports are badly hit by Covid-19 crisis, as their income decreased basically to zero. Some of these professionals might not even be able to return to work during the first stages of resuming activity (e.g. basketball lessons are certainly not in line with social distancing rules which might be in place for months).

Firstly addressing the period during lockdown and during the gradual reopening of economies, when (some) social distancing rules are still in place - probably the next 6-12 months. This is basically a market place which connects the above mentioned freelance teachers with all the parents in the school where they are already teaching (under normal circumstances). Via this e-learning module, teachers can offer (live) on-line lessons, provide various teaching materials and receive payments from clients.

Secondly we are also addressing the period right after restrictions are lifted - probably 12-18 months from now. This is a different type of e-learning market place which connects the teachers with other schools or individual customers in order to expand the teachers reach very fast. The marketplace enables freelance teachers now to offer real-life lessons (their usual routine, but to a much larger client base).

Our first add-on helps freelancers to survive, while the second one helps them to start operating at full capacity as soon as possible in order to generate as much revenue as possible - to make up for the lost revenue during the previous year.

Both e-learning platforms address Primary + Secondary school sections.

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