We took inspiration from the city that we live in and thrive every day. We realize that there are flaws in the traffic control system in our country and traffic jams may impact our quality of life, as well as the time that we can spend with our loved ones. We decided to use information available to us and build a useful tool to analyze cities.

What it does

It uses available, easy to build data, to perform a useful map of the live traffic that is circulating the city. It will build a model of the city and do a live heat map of the most populated roads, so that the traffic engineers can act accordingly.

How we built it

We used Python for our data processing and DB communication. We used Unity to simulate the traffic as well as the heat map

Challenges we ran into

It is really hard to obtain the data, since the government must be really secure with the personal information of its citizens, therefore we had to simulate the values so that we could have valuable data. Also, the time constraints did not allow us to make the in-depth analysis that we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to consistently simulate traffic and be able to map the areas that have the most cars. We enjoyed our first taste of data mining and analysis.

What we learned

We learned that data mining can prove extremely useful, if given the correct data. Things can be extremely optimized for really cheap, and the only thing necessary is time and effort.

What's next for T-jam

We hope to be able to work with governments to improve cities around our communities and be able to give people a better experience during their commute. At some point the software could be open source and the cities can start using it and independently start improving by themselves.

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