Tilt is named after a discussion I attended from Yale Professor Meg Urry about Equity and Inclusion in STEM. She highlighted the barriers and bias women face throughout their academic and professional careers, while denouncing the fallacious argument that if women were as intelligent as men, there would not be wage and representation gaps. Instead she argued that the playing field is not even and that we should collaborate to hit the playing field through our action.

What it does

Research shows that fostering a sense of community and belonging in addition to having role models is effective in encouraging girls and women to choose and stay in STEM. Tilt admin curate stories of exceptional women in all STEM fields and packages innovation in an accessible, relate by highlighting the personal stories of remarkable women. In order to solidify connections to accomplished women and to visualize a future in STEM interactive quizzes keep the content accessible and personal.

What's next for t.ilt

Tilt would expand its services by introducing a feature to create a profile. This would focus on promoting girls to set goals and in times of self doubt, be a reminder that there is a place in STEM for them and that they are intelligent and capable. Peers could encourage one another by sharing experiences in research, the school environment, workplace, and more to create a community that catalyzes creativity and showcases diversity in STEM to break down outdated stereotypes.

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