We wanted to develop a project in order to improve the quality service related to public bicycle (or transport) services by using blockchain technology.

What it does

T-Bicing improves security and privacy for a user of a public transport service while it also serves to keep geolocalization data related to the user paths.

Costs in infrastructure could also be reduced as the docking stations serve as nodes of the blockchain network.

Moreover, the idea has been designed for a bicycle service but the concept idea could be applied to different transport services (e.g. car or motorcycle sharing).

How I built it

It has been built with hashstaX platform. We have used Ethereum technology and Jolocom which serves as an identity service.

Challenges We ran into

We were a rookies in the field of blockchain. This project has help us to introduce us deeply to blockchain technology, its possible applications and its usages.

What's next for T-Bike

We would like T-Bike to step up to the next level. During the 24 hours of this hackathon we had been developing and working hard. We wanted to see our idea born. However, as time has been quite limited, we would like to continue working on it. Our next step would be to try it out in a real field test case.

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