Inspiration- I hate going to the gym. It's covered in sweat, filled with people who all seem to be silently judging my form (and general physique), plus it's just plain boring. We figured we could fix bad form with a sensor and a web app, while google cardboard could allow us to keep track of our movements and turn the gym into an arcade game.

What it does- a sensor attached to your free-weights records your form and reps of each workout, providing scores for each workout and a graph for improvement!. It also transmits the data to a google cardboard game that the user can incorporate into their workout to track their progress and inspire an imaginative sort of competition at the gym!

How we built it- collected data from the photon and measured the angles of the

Challenges we ran into- getting data to both the web app and unity from the photon, living without sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of- we managed to make a web app and a cardboard game that make fitness more accessible and enjoyable for those of us who would normally avoid the gym. We also worked with tools we had no prior experience with and worked well as a team with people we never met before. We also exposed a dog to the hacker culter, though we still aren't entirely sure we're supposed to be proud of that

What we learned- A lot about sql, communicating with the server, and time management.

What's next for T#168- Spotter- First we nap, then we add more levels to our cardboard game and figure out how to use fitness trackers along with our sensors and to make it a social app with weekly competitions!

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