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Our topic: data / privacy

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis is huge in terms of size, health and economy. But not in the last place in terms of privacy.

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Newspapers write heavily about this topic. For example, the European Union requests telecom providers to share location data of their customers (COVID-19 APP) or hospitals sharing sensitive patient data for improved COVID-19 research. Privacy regulations put a lock on the data one can use and hinder innovation, hinder finding solutions and maybe even hindering saving lives.

Problem we aim to solve: data / privacy dilemma

This is the privacy dilemma. It is the impasse where the use of data and the privacy protection of individuals typically collide and it is our ambition to solve it.

existing techniques available in the market

Classic anonymization techniques offer no solution, since they destroy data and cannot fully mitigate privacy risks.

Syntho: AI generated synthetic data

Our solution: synthetic data. Call it fake data or artificial data. Key difference at Syntho, we apply machine learning to preserve the structure and properties of the original data. This is our radically new solution: We generate realistic synthetic data that can be used as if it is real data. Our customers use synthetic data to boost innovation, gain insights and even train machine learning models. Yes, our Syntho Engine is already up and running and has proven it’s value in the market.

Our COVID-19 solution: a synthetic data platform

Our COVID-19 solution is a synthetic data platform. With this platform, we enable open innovation and collaborative research in a privacy preserving way.

This is how it works. First, One can upload valuable datasets to our platform. Second, within our platform, our Syntho engine generates a synthetic version of the uploaded dataset. Third, anybody can download this synthetic version for COVID-19 innovation purposes. Finally, the downloader pays the uploader and the platform.

In order to proceed, we require exposure for our platform to boost the number uploaders and downloaders. Second, we need funding for a full stack developer to further integrate our Syntho engine in the platform.

After the COVID-19 crisis, our platform could be used for any other theme where privacy preserving open data could add value. So, Why use real data when you could use synthetic data?

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Privacy is all about people. We are Syntho and we solve your data privacy dilemma. More info:

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