Once upon a time, people had to use complex programs, and learn how to use "MIDI controllers". Well that time has changed. Move over for the simplest solution to date: Synthia. Synthia is a back end synthesizer program that allows developers to create music using a simple yet powerful file format. You can make any wave, with just a few clicks of the keyboard. Our back end is home grown,, so there are no chances of it breaking. No breaking means no maintenance, so more time can be spent developing features. Features like setting your own ADSR filters, a more comprehensive sampling frequency system, perhaps even a real time sequencer or song generator.

Message from the developers: We hope that you like our product. The project was thought up by software genius Michael Williams, the Go expert. During the development cycle of this project he mentored two new Go-getters Max Johnson and Paul-Andre Henegar. It was really cool watching as our work took shape and sound was refined. Thank you for this opportunity.

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