I was inspired when I was thinking about what I wanted to make yesterday. I thought for sure it would include a file system, but everything I thought of using this was thinking big. I kept telling myself I wanted to think small. However, I realized that I just couldn't think small; I had to think big. And even if I was gonna fall flat on my face, that was okay because I knew that I was going to try something new and something great.

What it does

It is a very basic operating system with a user creation and login. Once accessed, it goes to the desktop, which houses two apps. The first is the calculator, which calculates simple equations. The second is the file editor, which reads and writes text files.

How I built it

I coded it in Java using Eclipse Neon.

Challenges I ran into

The user login was very, very difficult. I eventually moved on to the calculator, which had to be primitive due to the complexity of its process; same with the file editor. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to in making it more complex due to these issues.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making an OPERATING SYSTEM with basic APPS?! That's insane! I made a user login system and file reader and writer, as well as a calculator. All in a GUI. What's not to love?

What I learned

Making an OS is super hard.

What's next for SyntaxOS

Making it more complex until it is better than Windows and macOS.

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