I set out to learn a bunch of new programming languages two summers ago. I realized that most of what I was doing was using Google to search for their syntax, as most of the concepts were the same. I decided to build a site that made this quicker.

What it does

Type in a language and concept and the syntax will be given to you. Similar to Wolfram, it's a site where you get a quick answer to a question as opposed to learning.

How I built it

SyntaxCenter was built using Ruby on Rails. Search is powered by Solr. It's running on a Linux VPS. Content is maintained through a custom built CMS.

Challenges I ran into

-Finding a balance between speed and usefulness for amount of information

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Had great initial feedback, including some from people within large tech companies API

What I learned

Always focus on building the product and talking to users, all else (growth, marketing, etc.) is much lower in priority and will take care of itself (provided you build something cool).

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