Major League Hacking - Local Hack Day provided us with the right platform to showcase our skills in developing a web application, hosting it in GitHub and using Microsoft Azure Cloud Web Services to publish the application.

What it does

Documenting drafts is often a tedious process. Often, we tend to use repetitive words. We built a web application to help the user find 10 synonyms for the word they are typing. We created Virtual Machine on the Azure Cloud, set up firewall, created storage account, resource groups, virtual networks and security setting for ports to host locally.

How we built it

We used angular.js to develop the application. Using node.js, uploading in GitHub and using Azure Cloud for deployment.

Challenges we ran into

Using and setting up Microsoft Azure Cloud was new to us. The challenge was hosting a web application in Azure as sudo commands did not work until we had to make it global and allow permissions. We used Azure Virtual Machine, Azure Cloud Shell to install node.js, bower to set up a link between GitHub and Azure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Azure was set up successfully. Our application "Synonym Finder", is hosted on the Azure cloud using Azure Cloud Shell.

What we learned

Using Azure the very first time and deploying a web application.

What's next for Synonym Finder

We would further develop and integrate our application with the chatbots to help users write texts faster, also we plan to implement in e-learning websites for learning words and in quizzes for checking the correct answer.

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