All of us have experienced group projects over the years in which we had to share programmed code. Some traditional ways included passing the files through a USB stick, through a messaging platform, or through an online open-text system. However, none of these methods work effectively over distances larger then a classroom, and uses up quite a bit of a time. That's where SYNK-ronized Programming was born. We decided to create a user-friendly, reliable, and dependable system in which individuals can work together across any distance on a project of their choosing. No more do students have to wait for a USB to be passed to them. No more do students have to huddle around one computer to share ideas about what to program. SYNK-ronized Programming is here to save the day.

What it does

SYNK-ronized Programming is a product in which multiple individuals across any distance can converge and work together on a project on their liking. Our software allows for the clients to experience live updates with what the other users are doing, and allows for an effective and efficient method of communication and collaboration. Our program demonstrates a server-client relationship, continually sending the updated files to and from the server to the clients.

How we built it

We used a variety of expertise in software including our knowledge in Python, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Throughout our knowledge and efforts, we were able to create a very effective system for communication and collaboration across various programmers across any distance.

Challenges we ran into

With every problem comes a lot of challenges. We personally had to overcome many hurdles throughout the day. We had to work a man down in comparison to most groups, as we were only a group of 3. This simply meant we had to work 1.33x more effectively to make up for it. We also ran into issues with transmitting information between the server and clients, alongside issues with sockets. Overall, through constant effort and determination, we were able to overcome these issues and produce a high-quality product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the effectiveness of our solution, allowing for quick transmission of edits to the end users providing ultimate user satisfaction. We are also proud of the timely manner in which this solution was created in. In under 12 hours of programming, we were able to create a viable solution to an epidemic that plagues a high percentage of programmers now a days. We are happy with the cleanliness of our program and the manner in which our code is executed.

What we learned

Today we learned what the power of three individuals can do. As a group of three, after our fourth member left us, we worked tirelessly for the last 12 hours to form a working and reliable program that solved a problem that was huge for us, and many other students around the world. Together, we proved that no matter how bad the odds look against you, you can still come out on top and achieve success. We also learned a lot about Machine Learning and Projection through the events held by JAMHacks.

What's next for SYNK-ronized Programming

SYNK-ronized Programming is proud to announce our plans for the future. We plan to optimize our code such that transmission times are reduced. We also plan to implement features similar to those in Google Docs like having cursors show user locations. This updates will improve user friendliness and make our program that much better. Beyond that, we plan to branch out to other sectors of the technological sector to help make everyone's day-to-day life easier and better.

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