Physical disabilities are difficult barriers to overcome. For those with hearing disabilities, their other senses, especially speech, may be impeded.

Introducing Synesthize, an innovative way to synthetically simulate synesthesia, branching visual cues to better describe auditory senses. As a natural language processing tool and a speech analyzer, Synesthize was created to better help those with limited hearing abilities, to be able to monitor their speech patterns and pronunciation right at their fingertips.

For those who have inaccessible speech therapists or resources, either due to their location, financial status, or even more inherent barriers such as age and gender, Synesthize is an accessible tool made with python, supported by IBM Watson's STT and TTS audio analysis, and with scipy and matplotlib to visualize subtle intonations and differences in pronunciations down to each individual word.

Empowerment starts with communication, to voice out one's thoughts and opinions, and Synesthize is here to solve these communication issues, with the hope of becoming an even more accurate tool through the application of machine learning.

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