When we started brainstorming ideas, we realized we all wanted to do something that involved some visual rendition of music. We wanted something that could allow us to watch artwork being created while you listened to it. We are all RIT students, and are familiar with a large population of deaf and hard of hearing students, and we felt that this might allow many of these people to appreciate music in more ways than just listening.

What it does

Our project is called "", which comes from the concept of synesthesia, which is the crossing over of multiple senses. Our app allows you to listen to music on spotify while it generates abstract artwork simultaneously. Various features of the song are picked out to represent different aspects of the music, such as color palette chosen based on energy and valence of the music, or aspects such as danceability affecting artwork elements.

How we built it

A lot of caffeine and not as much sleep went into this. We are using the spotify-web-api to communicate with various sessions on the backend of our app, while a socket connection communicates between that session and the frontend. React is used on the front-end, Node.JS is used on the backend. We used Docker to deploy the application. We are using DigitialOcean for our infrastructure.

Challenges we ran into

Our idea did not start off perfect, and we went through a lot of revisions and changes of ideas. But I think we are all happy with our final application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all very happy with our final product, it's not perfect, and it can and will definitely be improved upon in the future. We are happy that we survived on 50% caffeine and 0% sleep. We all had fun and that's what's important.

What we learned

We learned a lot about app deployment, web front-end and back-end development, we learned a lot about limitations of operating systems. We learned that javascript is one of the most evil languages on the planet. We learned that web-pack has really slow build speeds.

What's next for

We are definitely going to continue working on it in the future. We definitely have more ideas, we definitely have a strong passion for this new project. More abstract art to come.

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