There's an increasing need for large-scale infrastructure changes for a cleaner and greener world, but we believe the real changes start from local initiatives. We wanted to create a platform for individuals like you to turn those dreams of cleaner energy sources into a reality. With that initial goal in mind, and some tweaks to make it a more viable business, Synergy was born.

What it does

We have two main goals we accomplish with blockchain technology:

  1. Users - Support local energy initiatives

    • Users can post their energy initiatives to seek funding for projects
    • Provide information about projects and can communicate via Zoho

  2. Investors - Personal financial growth with cryptocurrencies (Coinbase API)

    • Investors choose from an array of different energy projects that are created by users.
    • Range from large-scale use of geothermal heat pumps to singular solar panels
    • Investment size can be as little or as big as the investor wants and quantity is proportionate to ownership
    • Income from sold energy is distributed back to investors

Why use crypto currencies?
* Prevent spreading of US currencies to foreign countries to maintain integrity

* Provides inherent ability to validate purchases and authenticate users

How we built it

Built using ReactJS and Material UI. The backend information is stored using Firebase. The database information is used to populate the different projects displayed on the screen. Users login with their emails linked to the coinbase wallets, where coinbase API is used to get information about individuals' wallets to be used as payment methods for different investments. These API calls are used using express.

Challenges we ran into

Linking different parts of the code base together with multiple frameworks
With the limited time we had and large goals to implement with many different APIs, we had difficulty linking all our ideas together. This led us to have partially implemented technologies along with a good amount of working implementations as opposed to better implementations of limited technologies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the overall design and UI of the product. It was a sleek interface and design that allows the user to easily navigate and invest in different options.

One of our favorite parts of this product is that it has potential to be a viable business. Though it still has problems in our basic business plan, it has been more thought out in this perspective than many of our past projects. We can profit by taking a portion of the distributed funds. Ideally, everyone involved stands to gain as the economies in these developing communities expand to reach new heights that we help build.

What we learned

All of us became either exposed to frameworks that we hadn't used before or more familiar with our existing frameworks. Being involved in the many moving parts of the project helped us build a more comprehensive view of different technologies and how they interact with each either.

We learned more about trying to build a viable product. We thought more about potential problems in scale, implementation, etc. than we have in most of our other projects. It helped us explore a side of the hackathon domain that we normally don't consider as important as the tech.

What's next for Synergy

We hope to finish many of the implementations we thought about doing, but ran out of time to implement. For example, finishing the Zoho API usage and establishing the backend to sustain more users are very important rooms of improvement that would be exciting to do outside of the hackathon.

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