In today's world, possibilities of produce one's own energy are rising. Photovoltaic panels allow more and more people and organizations to produce their power.

We believe there is a growing need to be able to monitor both electricity generation and consumption on any number of buildings, in a simple way.

What it does

Synergix gathers a large amount of data describing energy consumption and production from smart sensors, analyzes them and displays them in an easy to understand way.

How we built it

We built Synergix using the Predix platform. The front-end has been implemented using Polymer and Iron AJAX. The back-end relies on Predix Time Series service, a Node.js server and Python and R data processing scripts. The Predix UAA service was used for the security layer.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges, Predix, and much of the tool we used being new to us. Other constrains, such at the 48 hours deadline, put a lot of pressure on us. However, we managed to overcome most of these challenges, to finally deliver Synergix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all feel proud about our base idea, what we wanted to fully implement (check "What's next for Synergix" section). We had to learn how to make things such as an UI, or data processing scripts, that we never had to do before the Hackathon, and we feel it was a very rewarding experience.

What we learned

The whole team learned how to use brand new tools, such as Predix Cloud, Polymer and Iron AJAX, fast enough to develop Synergix in due time. This experience will contribute to shape the way every one of us works in the future, and we are proud of everything we have learned.

What's next for Synergix

Generic ingestion of data

  • Extend data taken into account to new sensors
  • Take real-time measures from buildings all over the world

Statistical tools

  • Cross electrical data with current energy price
  • Detect errors, predict power shortages...
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