Event planning and photo syncing 2-in-1 app, for all your partying needs.

Written in 30 hours for HackIllinois 2016!

How to use

Start by logging in! Once you've done so, create an event group using the button at the bottom right (you'll know it when you see it). Open your group from the list, and you're ready to invite people to your group! While keeping your phone at the group screen, bump you and your friend's phones together, and they will be automatically added to the group, no typing required!

Alright, so now the event's over, what do I do with all these photos I took? Just open the group again, and tap the upload icon in the toolbar at the top. All photos taken during the time of the event will be uploaded, and made available for everyone else in your group to view!

What's under the hood?


Distributed under the MIT License.

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