syncretism (n.):

  • the combination of different forms of belief or practice; or the fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus, Online Edition).

fo' shizzle (interj.):

  • an affirmative phrase denoting jubilant certainty, often used as a response to a question posed by a companion. (Snoop Dogg's Handbook for the English Language, 42nd Edition).

syncretism + fo' shizzle = syncretizzle

syncretizzle is a fun, multiplayer game that revolves around social media and the humanities. Vote on your own most entertaining Facebook statuses, and an intelligent, second-order Markov chain with weighted heuristics will combine your teenage musings with even older quotations from philosophers, poets, writers, and historical figures.

Our algorithm transforms your Facebook statuses into remarkably fluent and absurd lyrical ditties, comedy pieces, and ruminations on the nature of existence that would make Jaden Smith drop his comb in awe. Join us now and marvel at a glorious intersection of classicism and absurdism that can only be possible in the 21st century.

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