With SyncMyPix, you can get your Android based phone in sync with all of your friends.

Currently only Facebook is supported. If you're visiting from an Android phone, you can get the app here:


  • Sync your phone's contacts with your Facebook friends' profile pictures
  • Option for only syncing contacts with phone numbers
  • Option for 'Smart name matching'
  • Sync runs in the background leaving you free to do other tasks by pressing HOME
  • View the results of the last sync operation
  • Manual conflict resolution in the "Results" screen where a long press on a friend allows the picture to be manually added to a contact


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Facebook API

Note, as of 0.15.2, I have removed the API key from the source.

You will need to create your own API key and add as a string resource called 'facebook_api_key'.


Neil Loknath
Mike Hearn
Diomidis Spinellis

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