Despite the common adoption of computers in recent decades, our use of paper has been on the rise. We exchange ideas on notes, mark-up printed drafts, and sit around tables editing documents. Writing on a computer, as it is currently practiced does not reflect the social and collaborative qualities of how many of us write.  

Enough of that.

Synchronote is a collaborative writing utility that makes it possible to speak and what with collaborators while jointly authoring documents in real time. 

All you need to get started with synchrononote is an evernote account. No further information or fuss is required. Upon logging in, synchronote displays your notebook. On your first visit, you will find a note entitled "getting started", which allows you to get acquainted with the synchronote interface. You can create notes of your own by clicking the "create note" button.  In addition to organizing your notes by title, synchronote also displays the names of users with whom you have shared each file and allows you to add customized tags.

Clicking on a note opens the synchronote workspace. The largest element on the screen is the text editor, in which you can write and format your note. Clicking the logos above the text editor allows you to share the note with whomever you wish. This can be done using email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. Once a note is shared, you can really begin to use the full array of synchronote features. The "join conference" button starts an audio conversation between users working on a document. You can therefore talk while writing. The chat window to the left of the text editor allows users to send messages while writing.These two features make for a more collaborative writing experience; instead of discussing ideas and then going off to write, synchronize allows you to share your thoughts while writing. While working collaboratively, the text editor updates in real time so that you can see changes that others are making to the note. When you want to end a session, simply click "Save to Evernote". Thereafter, the note can be reopened from your notebook page. 

The writing experience offered by synchronize brings the collaborative element of writing into the computer age. Get started now at . Think. Share. Write.
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