Team productivity is one of the key things to consider in any team setup. Many times, meetings consume much of people's time than actual input to work on a task. This can be very stressful if not looked into since one can easily slip into depression on why their tasks are spilling over to the next sprint at the end of a sprint every time. However when you check keenly, they didn't have enough time to work on the assigned task since meetings took much time of their day.

Sometimes people have to work on their off-work hours just to complete the pending tasks. How can this be made better? This is where the syncing Jira Issues with Outlook Calendar comes in handy. To be able to have an overview of what one is working on in Jira through the calendar, as well as see other meetings engagement on the calendar so that at the end of the sprint, you judge team velocity based on time spent to work on tasks as well as time spent on meetings and this will aid on decisions on which tasks to add to sprint on busy meeting weeks and in turn create a happy productive team.!

What it does

Sync Jira Issues with Outlook calendar to create a transparent overview of when one is engaged on other meetings and tasks.

How we built it

Used Forge create to create the Jira project, forge deploy to deploy and finally forge install to install the app,created Jira issues on the project and sync them to outlook calendar on activity timeline

Challenges we ran into

Permission error challenges during forge installation on Linux environment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to create and deploy atlassian cloud product - Forge.

What we learned

Forge helps in improving UI of various Atlassian cloud products and can be customized to suit different user satisfaction

What's next for Sync Jira Issues with Outlook Calendar.

Improve on it to make API intergrations with the Outlook calendar GET api or even other APIs like the Google Calendar. Also intergrations with Jira charts to have a clear overview of the number of times people are engaged in a meeting within a sprint alongside the number of open issues in the sprint

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