This Web App allows to User watch movies online with their friends and feel the same exact moments together, while it's synchronised on the both way.(play stop and rewind are triggering at the same time on the both side).

I'm from Georgia, but I live in Paris, I've really missed recently going to cinemas with my girlfriend so this app would give me that chance to mock it and seems to be the best alternative of reality. We can watch on the FULL SCEEN while able to chat. I'm gonna see exact same as she will( no matter thousands of miles, it's gonna be a good alternative).

The feature I am proud of, I've already mentioned, is ability to chat while watching fullscreen. It's also super duper easy for users to watch movies here is the scenario: somebody goes and finds movie he/want copies the link in this app and gets unique link in one click(2-4 seconds) which should be opened from another person and they get connected instantaneously.

BTW, the app is sending YO-s every single time user watches movie. I suppose I should disable that feature in the new future to avoid tons of YO-s per minute :)

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