Using AI to generate VR music videos that bands can edit, distribute, and own rights to using the block chain.

What it does

It accepts a song library, our program generates a VR video based on the music playing, where it can be customized and saved, then sent using NodeJS to the Eluvio block chain fabric, which provides a crypto hash for each version of the video, and can be viewed, shared and commercialized using the Eluvio platform.

How we built it

Using Unity, NodeJS, Miro and Eluvio

Challenges we ran into

Getting our unity app to train to the music Working out the details of the Eluvio block chain fabric.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seeing our app work with so many awesome features, from a raw song to a crypto backed music video.

What we learned

It's good to push ourselves to work with new and unfamiliar technology, such as Eluvio's blockchain, collaborating tools like Miro, and Unity's AI assisted VR.

What's next for Synaptic

We want to make it into a web app with more sharing options, continue to bring more visuals and AI into the video creation, and eventually be able to accept songs from Spotify and use Spotify's song metrics to make smarter visuals.

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