We wanted to create a bot that would work with the current information about the COVID-19 pandemic and help people understand what they should do in order to face the problem. The best way to return to our daily lives is to follow all the given guidelines as we go about our day.

What it does

Sympto-Bot, a virtual agent that is capable of responding to everyone’s COVID questions and concerns. Sympto-Bot uses machine learning to dynamically answer questions and offers free risk assessment, directions to COVID testing centers, and COVID data visuals.

How we built it

React was used for the front end. THe chat bot was made with javascript. The API was made in nodejs to connect react and dialogue flow. The frontend recieves responses from Dialogueflow. Google Cloud's DialogueFlow was used to train the bot to interpret and properly respond to user input.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we encountered during this event was gathering enough, and accurate, data about the COVID-19 pandemic and how best to disseminate it to our users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For many of out teammates, this project was our first time working with technologies such as Node.js and Google Dialogflow. We are very proud that we’ve been able to not only utilize these capabilities, but make them work together to create something unique.

What we learned

We learned how to use Dialogflow to train the virtual agent how to comprehend and properly respond to user input. Most group members we unfamiliar with javascript, and Node.js. We learned via hands on experience how to work with these technologies.

What's next for Sympto-Bot

The current Sympto-bot deploys its’ capability as a web browser, but it can be deployed on any platform like a mobile or a desktop app. In the future we would like to add additional functionality like calling 911 for severe symptoms that may need emergency treatment, improvements to the scope of the questions that the virtual agent is capable of answering, and a service that can provide periodical updates on the COVID situation in your area.

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