• Inspired by intellectual blogs that explore high level scientific inquiry (LessWrong, Gwern, SlateStarCodex)
  • Symposium Futura's goal is to open the blog to the community (much like Lesswrong has done), to allow any user to create topics or posts, except we plan to implement a financial incentivization system using tokenomics to incentivize exceptional content.

What it does

  • Allows each user their own profile
  • Allows users to post and read content to the site

How we built it

  • Built with React, a minimal css framework called skeleton, and typescript

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning unfamiliar technologies (react, typescript, motoko) within the allotted timeframe

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The site aesthetic, particularly the animations.
  • The vision: site of community sourced content that has a financial incentive behind it.

What we learned

  • Simple is always better!
  • Minimum viable product first, then build iteratively on top of it!

What's next for Symposium Futura

  • overhaul frontend with clojurescript, reagent-react, and tailwind
    • more elegant, efficient and maintainable code
    • add post archival system, sort by tags, date, author
    • edit posts, create comments
    • more fleshed out user profiles and UI
    • add sublime graphics and animations
  • introduce tokenization mechanics
    • readers/authors can prompt certain posts, or their own posts
    • readers can add cash bounty prizes to posts
    • post voting for most profound content
    • tipping mechanism for exceptional content

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