In a world where web 3.0 is referred to as the vision of future technology and which is, we reasoned among ourselves to help create the first community based cryptocurrency which in future will be used by users to facilitate every day transactions, making use of blockchain technology.

What it does

Sympodium coin is the first community based cryptocurrency that allows users mine transactions while adding to the blocks. It also comes with a smart contract called Sympodium NFT that allows users upload NFTs and trade among themselves.

How we built it

The frontend of the platform is built with nextjs, reactjs, typescript and tailwind css. The backend is built with typescript, jest, MVC design patterns and test driven development.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge we faced while building this project was the issue of strong internet connectivity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we have created the first community based cryptocurrency that can be used to facilitate transactions and on top of that an NFT that users can mint.

What we learned

That no project is too small or big, you just have to get started to finish.

What's next for Sympodium

We want to expand and become among of the widely used cryptocurrencies the world over in the next decade. We will be introducing lots of features to the sympodium NFT marketplace.

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