As a a new user in any platform, choice is very often overwhelming. We wanted to minimize this conundrum based on user preferences, so that they can see performances that they would enjoy.

How it works

This is a survey that allows users to see a listing of shows depending on their preferences using a JavaScript matching method.

Challenges We ran into

We were initially using meteor.js, which was a new platform for most of us. We spent the first evening learning how to use it and to incorporate it into our solution. Later on, we ran into some problems and had to scrap meteor; we then just started from scratch. However, at this point, we already had a solid plan together and were able to bring ourselves back on track.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team, we divided up the tasks equally and were all rewarded throughout the event as we learned meteor.js, and more JavasScript and HTML/CSS. In terms of our final project, we are happy that we got it done and were able to implement proper searching/sorting algorithms to get the correct data based on preferences.

What's next for Symphony Survey

We plan on hosting all of this data on a backend. We want the Symphony to be able to use this data not only to bring new people to their performances, but also plan what they want to show in the future. We also plan to add a simpler interface for adding new items into our list of pieces that the user can find.

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