Oftentimes, products that are made of plastics are difficult to determine whether or not they are recyclable. These plastics contain a symbol that depict what kind of plastic they are, but these symbols fail to give a proper description as to whether or not it's recyclable. We wanted to be able to give users a good description of what these symbols mean, and whether or not it is appropriate to recycle them, and if they aren't recyclable, the proper disposal methods.

What it does

SymDetect should have used Google's Vision API to scan the plastic symbol and based on what symbol it has scanned, should give a description of what the symbol is and whether or not it is recyclable.

How I built it

We began by learning HTML and CSS to create a website that people can upload images of their symbols to. Then, we learned the basics of Flask to keep the format in Python in order to use the API.

Challenges I ran into

Since we are all freshmen, we didn't know how to connect the back end to our front end. As a result, we could not finish our product as we needed knowledge in J.Query and the Vision API.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though we failed to learn how to connect the Google API to our website, we were able to build a website from scratch.

What I learned

We learned HTML and CSS over this competition and built a website from scratch. Basics of Flask.

What's next for SymDetect

Finish implementing the backend. Learn how to incorporate the Google Cloud API to our website. Expand to include nutritional facts on products. Incorporate machine learning to better the detection.

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