Inspired from the likes of Bejeweled, Candy-Crush-Saga, and Berlitz World Traveller.

What it does

In Bejeweled, if you match 3 jewels of the same color in a row or column, you get some points, and those 3 jewels get eliminated. Likewise, if you match 3 characters of the same language-script in a row or column, in my Game, you get 10 points, and the row/column of 3 gets eliminated. You have a time limit of 60 seconds, and there are leaderboards that have every user, whom has signed into the game. Essentially, this is supposed to help world travelers who get confused between various similar-looking but different scripts. It also improve's a person's ability to detect/compare various non-Latin languages. There are 3 types of Game Play Modes in my game for each of the different scripts I classified: European and Middle Eastern, East and Southeast Asian, and South Asian. It's meant to be interactive and help my user actually deal with scriptural differences in a hands-on manner.

How I built it

I used Java's GUI, AWT, and other Graphics classes to help me build this application.

Challenges I ran into

Data Structures for changing and regenerating positions were definitely complicated, and thankfully, I got through that, although it was a challenge!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting through the Data Structures, doing all the data insertion, and doing all of this myself in one night.

What I learned

Switching up elements in a bejeweled-like manner using 2D arrays. I also got more familiar with CardLayout.

What's next for Symboled!

Might become an iOS or Android App, if possible!

Built With

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