GNU coreutils allow you to manipulate data in the command line. Tools like awk , sed , grep are tools regularly used by people.But it has quite a steep learning curve , along with the fact that it's mastery requires years of usage and learning multiple commands.

I wanted to make a command line tool that does all the above but without the learning curve and requirement of multiple commands and syntax.

What it does

It edits the data stream , which means it can transform or enchant the data into various forms , it can perform operations(add,mean,max etc) , treat it like a table , colorize add line numbers and much more

How we built it

We simply used Python and it's libraries , the only external library used is pygments( To colorize output)

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges were to work with STDIN(Standard IN) and formatting escape codes , generally working with the quirky nature of the terminal.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our tool has creativity as it's only limit , it does not lack feature , the feature is simply within you.

What we learned

We learned to make a software in just 2 days!.We learned how to structure our file for easy coding and most importantly learnt to have lot of fun!

What's next for Sylvie

Sylvie is an Open Source Project , so we will improve and add features , try to make it popular in the Linux and Command Line Community . We aim to add some complex features , along working on documentation to make it accessible.

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