My friends often ask on our group chats, "Hey, who's up for Netflix party tonight?" Of course, I'd like to watch too -- I just don't have Netflix...what if there were a platform that crossed between all of these different subscription services, and that was cool enough to get people to use it instead of Netflix party? There you have it -- Sylver was born.

What we've done

So far, we've prototyped the landing, catalog and theater pages, using YouTube for our Proof of Concept

What we used

Using Figma for wireframing purposes, HTML and CSS to build and prototype the actual site. We've run the prototype over Glitch.


Time zones -- some members of the team have time zones forward or backward a number of hours, which naturally makes synchronous communication and work hard to do.


We've got a strong vision for what Sylver can be for remote movie-watching, and we're proud of the fact that we've prototyped some of the essential functionality in such a brief window

What we've done

This isn't easy to do! But it's a lot of fun to work with others on a group project like this.

What's next

Up next, we'll focus on fixing up the UX and cleaning up what we've got, adding the other essential functionalities, and acquiring a domain so we can put the site up and allowing the rest of the world to watch Sylver!

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