Our application, Sycer, aims to help keep track of pills/bottles by using augmented reality. Because of difficulties in tracking pills that arise when you age, we decided to fix these problems by creating an intuitive UI and complex AR algorithms to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use our app.

The development process of this application brought upon many difficult challenges. In particular, the algorithm for diagnosing the patient's pill bottle was hard to work out because of the many bugs that arose. However, in the end, we learned a lot about the uses of ARKit, SafeTrek, SAP, and Node.js and joined all of them together. The combination of data sets, augmented reailty, new APIs, and a backend SAP HANA database was difficult to cohesively integrate into one application, but our team learned a lot about each aspect from this. As for the future of Sycer, we hope to continue adding to the pill data sets of sickness/remedy information and make more complete app.

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