Mental states effects medical health in general but we rarely consider it. Stress & anxiety is the state that drive you to bad health

What it does

The project solves this issue from the beginning, it drives your level of stress before it gets even worse, since most of the behavior we do to deal with stresse, is even more stressfull (social media, movies..)

How we built it

we build this project based on an artificial intelegence that gets as an input ,stresse level, time ,weather and, his favourite activities and even schedule to suggest for the user a stresse reducer activity

Challenges we ran into

the data to decide which activitiy is good for a certain mood.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

a real AI that uses the TERRA api to suggest an activitiy based on the favourite activities and time and stresse level inputs

What we learned

we have learned that tech can be stressfull to people but also can be really helpfull to help the mental health

What's next for SWYTL#76

building the future planned features !

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