Find web development too difficult or time-consuming?

Let Swyte, our simple text service, fix that for you.

As you text back to the SMS prompts of (206) 488 - 0093, the idea is that Swyte will pull information from your various pre-existing data streams to create a website for you within seconds!

--- Viewer please note: The above-mentioned phone number has, since this hackathon, been deleted. ---

Value proposition

Creating a website doesn’t have to be painful.

In this globalized world where we've passed the billion websites milestone in 2014, and we as millennials in developed nations are increasingly exposed to phenomena such as IoT, the process of creating a personal site should be democratized. Therefore, we are making it as intuitive as possible!

Accordingly, our service simplifies and streamlines the web development process. It does so via two basic template offerings and by providing the necessary variables to auto-generate a desired site for each user. It also features a simple, formulaic URL, which is fully customizable with a backslash and the user's uniquely desired name.

Current target users

For photographers who want to showcase their unique portfolio of works, Swyte will automatically funnel pictures and information from a user's "About Me" section already posted on Facebook.

For aspiring bloggers looking to share their introspective thoughts with the world without sufficiently advanced technological skills to do so, Swyte swaps their dreams for an instantly incredible reality.

Social impact potential

Since this service can take information solely from text inputs for website creation as well, it could extend web presence visibility beyond its current realm to those from emerging market countries, such as individuals from parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, who do not yet have such access merely through the use of rudimentary mobile devices, or non-smartphones.

Pursuant to the newly introduced Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we believe this piece of technology could further encourage Quality Education, Goal Four, and foster Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal Eight, within the international community as additional divergent viewpoints become available to all.

How we are building it

So far, we have been using Facebook and Twilio APIs, node.js, and

Check out our Github for this project to learn more.

Next steps for Swyte

While it incorporates Facebook, we believe Swyte could also draw automatically from photos in Instagram, given text commands.

A color palate and additional template themes should also be available for users. This might provide the option for researchers to draw on all of their published papers from a variety of sources simultaneously for their new website, for example.

Swyte is also currently solely in English, so it could be further expanded to incorporate multiple other languages.

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