Wordle is not MLG. This MUST be fixed. This is our solution to right this wrong and bring peace to the masses with Swordle.

What it does

Connects 2 players in a Wordle(-like) duel, where each each races to solve the problem first. Each player can see their adversary's progress in real time to keep the pressure on.

How we built it

We used WebSockets, Django, and a lot of JavaScript!

Challenges we ran into

The "real-time" factor required WebSockets which we weren't familiar with. Django does not have native support for WebSockets and the socket integrations library was confusing. We wanted to have a CPU player (for people who have no friends), but unfortunately had issues integrating the cpu-player with the WebSockets. Deploying to a production server was/is currently a nightmare as we write this. CURSE YOU DJANGO!! CURSE YOU CHANNELS (a python library)!!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Real time updates for 2 human players locally (2 different tabs). Real time update between 2 human players on separate machines (in deployment)

What we learned

This Django project is the best endorsement for Flask.

What's next for Swordle

Rewrite from the ground up in maybe use Flask, maybe stick to pure JavaScript. A CPU player would be nice Make the webapp responsive for mobile.

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