When we are thinking about "what can be the top grossing tech gadgets?", game console and mobile games are the first things that come to our mind. Can we combine them together with extra innovations? There is one type game, which people never played, but always dream of, and even write novels about it -- Full Immersive MMORPG

What it will never do

It will not require hack into your body and no need to modify your brain.

What it does

It lets players play first-person games as if they are inside the virtual world. It analysis players actions and convert into game actions.

How I built it

We used the Google Cardboard to provide the virtual reality vision but we also extended the Google Cardboard into a 3D Hamlet, to free players hands for lively interactions. Due to compatibility issue between cardboard SDK and FLIR SDK, we only took the Cardboard's hardware but rebuilt all head posture detection from scratch. The 3D-virtual world and the Physics engine made by Unity 3D engine; but the core of full immersive interaction was done by the thermographic capability of FLIR One.

Challenges I ran into

Unity SDK, Cardboard SDK and FLIR SDK all included precompiled C/C++ libraries, many compilation issues had been solved before we bring the game to live.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finally be able to combine all these tools to create a product.

What I learned

a lot of low level work among XCode compilation toolchain and image processing

What's next for Sword Heat

It will be delivered as an SDK and we can provide support services for all game developers in Unity community who interest in making FLIR One games. Instead of creating a few games, we want to leverage the power of developer community to push FLIR One as the top game console in 2016.

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