We want to replace rock, paper, scissor. Tired of having to meet each other to play rock, paper, scissor. Tired of people trying to figure whether you going for rock, paper or scissor. Tired of people who use psychological loopholes to figure out your next move.

What it does

Move your device front and back to attack. Move your device side to side to defend. Move your device up and down to push. Defend beats attack, attack beats push and push beats defend. The score fluctuates from -2 to 2 between player 1 win when reached 2 and the another way around. Whoever get the score to 2 or -2 win.

How I built it

We turn our phones into IoT devices. Grab the movement's information and process it through Node-Red. Finally, turning it from text to speech to announce who win.

Challenges I ran into

10 hours ago, we don't even know what IoT is. Turning the movement of the phone into information we could process.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned node-Red in few hours and developed this app. Figuring out the movement of the phone to translate into moves.

What I learned

IoT, node-Red, Bluemix and you can have fun at a hackathon even if you don't know much technical stuff.

What's next for Sword Fight

Turning it into a real-time sword fighting game where there would a fixed size arena. Using acceleration between 2 players get the relative coordination between two phones. So basically Sword Art Online without the VR.

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