Being frequent travellers ourselves exploring the world full of possibilities, we have booked several flights in the past whenever there are promotional fares offered by different airlines. But more often than not, due to the busy and unpredictable nature of our jobs, our schedules change and there were some instances where we have to let go of those precious time for families and ourselves. This even causes greater pain realizing that the money used to book those flights in advance will go to waste.

We value you

Over at Swop, we value the money you earned from grueling hours of hard work. We understand that sometimes it is inevitable to let go of those missed flights but we are not in agreement that you should also let go of the money you used to booked them. We are providing an alternative to salvage that money so you can still use it for your future vacation plans because every one deserves a good vacation once in a while and enjoy life.

How we built it

With our mantra of exploring the world full of possibilities, Swop uses the latest blockchain technology. Blockchain puts the power in people's hands while still maintaining security of your data. This enables any person with a valid flight booking to post their flights on the application and make it available for swopping without revealing your identity. This also remove the need to transact directly to the airlines as the application will do it for you.

Challenges we ran into

While we are very hopeful of the aim of our application to help people, there is one challenge that we need to hurdle which is the cooperation of the airlines. We need the airline to open up this possibility of changing the existing booking and opening up an api for this application. At first it may look as an additional effort to the airline but we believe that this can help the airline's image to the general consumers in the long run. Airlines that participate in this initiative can provide their loyal patrons more satisfaction knowing that as a buyer of the ticket, even though schedules change, they will not totally lose their hard-earned money by providing an option to swop their tickets. The airline also can maximize their resources by flying with almost no vacant seat which is more environment-friendly.

What's next

We hope this solution will gain traction and change the way the travellers book their flights. We hope airline companies will be aligned with this proposal. We also hope that other major players in the industry, such as Amadeus, who have been providing the best industry solutions to power the travel industry to partner with us. After all, we believe that in order for the travel industry to prosper, we need to give the best experience to the travellers and value them.

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