What it does

Swoltrition is an Alexa Skill that helps users track their macros, and keep their diet in control, all hands-free. For beginners who have used smartphone apps like MyFitnessPal, they'll quickly come to realize how annoying it is to enter in the same things every day, since most of us eat similar foods each day, just in varying quantities. With Swoltrition, keeping mind of your macros mentally is easier than using a smartphone app, and save the hassle of entering redundant information into a list you rarely check. Swoltrition will help ingrain the healthy fitness lifestyle into your day, as instead of doing everything for you, it'll simply help you where you need it. Getting swole has never been easier

Why We Built It

Trying to get into shape is tough, and trying to get swole is even tougher. It becomes an all-encompassing part of your life, in which all 24 hours are in some way towards accomplishing that goal of becoming swole. One of the hardest things for us was counting macros (carbohydrates, fats, protein) in a way that was easy and intuitive. Swoltrition solves that.

How We Built It

We first began by identifying our intent schema - the logic flowchart that Alexa would have to go through, to make sure that our logic was sound before we started writing any code. Once that was done, we identified features and goals we wanted, and set out, coding in Python, and making our back-end database in MongoDB. We used the Cloud IDE Cloud9, which enabled us to avoid using a third party hosts like ngrok by using their port itself

Challenges We Faced

Alexa wouldn't pick up the food that it was supposed to query from the USDA database, and for some reason kept defaulting to eating only salted butter. Lots of salted butter. Very unusual bug, to say the least.

What We're Proud Of

Getting Alexa to eat things other than salted butter. If Alexa wants to get swole one day, meeting macros is half the battle. Once we got Alexa to recognize different foods, everything worked seamlessly.

How to use it

Getting our skill certified by Amazon would take more than 36 hours, and on average, a few days, so having it on the Skill Marketplace isn't an option. As of this moment, it only works on Alexa devices associated with our Amazon Developer accounts, and only when it's hosted on Cloud 9's (our cloud-based ide) port

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